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5 SPCC tips from Abby Ferri

In a recent BLR webinar, speaker Abby Ferri, CSP, an independent safety and health consultant with expertise in SPCC compliance, discussed the ins and outs of SPCC guidance. The webinar included a brief background of SPCC regulations, EPA’s v.2.0 of the SPCC Guidance for Regional Inspectors, requirements for a written SPCC plan, and more.
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Here are five of Abby’s personal tips to keep you on track with your SPCC planning:

  1. Get to know your EPA regional people and meet them in advance rather than after a spill event.
  2. When calculating your SPCC threshold, you must calculate the maximum capacity of the container, and not just the contents inside the container.
  3. An SPCC plan must be prepared with good engineering practice and must be certified by a PE unless the facility qualifies for self-certification.
  4. Consider the water region around you. If you have a question about a specific tributary and/or other local navigable water, contact your local regional EPA office.
  5. Every member of your team should have some level of training to be aware of SPCC requirements and when tank maintenance is needed.

Abby FerriAbby Ferri to speak at BLR Safety Summit!
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Don’t miss Abby Ferri’s pre-conference workshop Environmental Compliance Training for Safety Managers, part of BLR’s Safety Summit in San Antonio, Texas (April 13-15). Register today!

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