New chemical lists added to BLR Chemical Lists!

We’ve added new chemical lists to BLR Chemical List!

If your company manufactures or imports chemicals, you may be required by the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) to submit a 2016 Chemical Data Report (CDR).

For each chemical manufactured or imported above established thresholds, facilities must report production volume along with data on where, how, and by whom the chemical is processed and used.

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However, as with most regulations, there are numerous exemptions, and you can avoid having to report processing and use data if your chemicals appear on either of the two new lists of CDR exemptions recently added to BLR Chemical Lists.

Here are the lists:

Chemical List Description
TSCA CDR: Partially Exempt Chemical Substances New list: chemical substances that are partially exempt from the 2016 CDR
TSCA CDR: Partially Exempt Petroleum Process Substances New list: petroleum process substances that are partially exempt from the 2016 CDR
Nevada Highly Hazardous Substances New list: chemicals subject to the Nevada Chemical Accident Prevention Program


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