New chemical lists added to BLR Chemical Lists!

We’ve added new chemical lists to BLR Chemical List! If your company manufactures or imports chemicals, you may be required by the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) to submit a 2016 Chemical Data Report (CDR). For each chemical manufactured or imported above established thresholds, facilities must report production volume along with data on where, how, […]

BLR Launches Online Chemical Lists database for EHS Professionals

Old Saybrook, CT, , September 1, 2015: BLR has recently launched BLR Chemical Lists, which allows users to access chemical information anywhere, anytime. “This new product represents the evolution of our best-selling CD, The Book of Chemical Lists, into an online application,” says Rafael Cardoso, Executive Vice President of BLR’s Workforce Division “The evolution of […]

EPA proposes reporting exemption for 6 biodiesel chemicals

The EPA is moving to add six “biodiesel components” to the list of substances that are partially exempt from the processing and use reporting requirements of the chemical data reporting (CDR) rule (Section 8 of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA)). The six chemicals are: Fatty acids, C14-18 and C16-18 unsaturated, methyl esters (CASRN 67762-26-9) Fatty acids, […]

OSHA issues new HazCom inspection directive

This article was originally posted on On July 20, OSHA announced the release of new instructions for its inspectors to ensure the consistent enforcement of its revised Hazard Communication Standard (HCS). So what will inspectors be looking for in your HazCom program if your facility is inspected? Keep reading to find out. OSHA revised […]

These 3 solvents may see stricter regulations

Do you use trichloroethylene (TCE), methylene chloride, or n-Methylpyrrolidone (NMP) at your facility? If so, you should read this featured article by BLR® Legal Editor Tim Fagan. If you use these solvents at your facility, you need to read this article >> — BLR EHS (@BLR_EHS) July 1, 2015 Fagan explains why the EPA […]


New chemical added to Proposition 65 list

Ethylene glycol (ingested) has been added to the list of chemicals known to the state to cause reproductive toxicity for purposes of Proposition 65, the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) announced earlier this month. The documentation supporting OEHHA’s determination that the criteria for administrative listing have been satisfied for ethylene glycol is included in the Notice […]

Fact Sheet Chemical Safety

Chemical working group issues new fact sheet

An Interagency Working Group has issued a new fact sheet updating what they have done and intend to do to improve chemical facility safety and security. As directed by Executive Order (EO 13650), six agencies formed the chemical working group and wrote a consolidated federal action plan to address five elements: Strengthening community planning and preparedness […]

OSHA, Health Canada partner on chemical labeling

OSHA will continue its partnership with Health Canada to align United States and Canadian regulatory approaches regarding labeling and classification requirements for workplace chemicals through the Regulatory Cooperation Council. The goal of the partnership is to implement a system allowing the use of one label and one safety data sheet (SDS) that would be acceptable in both countries. OSHA […]

flooded street

Texas flood cleanup: Be aware of chemical exposure

OSHA urges employers and workers involved in cleanup after the recent floods in Texas to avoid potential hazards and take steps to protect themselves. For certain workplaces, chemical exposure could be a concern. Employers should evaluate chemical workplace hazards and create a chemical inventory, which is part of a workplace hazard communication program. “People must be […]

Compliance tips for TRI reporting [Video]

BLR Legal Editor Tim Fagan discusses Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) reports in this compliance video. Reminder, the reports are due July 1! This video was originally posted on